Responsibilities of the Trade Union

Duties of the Chairman and Committee Members of the Trade Union of Xiamen Node Technology Group Co., Ltd

(1) Duties of the commissaries in charge of organization and publicity

1. Responsible for the preparation and conference affairs of the Employees' Congress and the Trade Union Members' Congress.

2. Examine the qualification of new members, make membership files, take charge in issuing membership cards, and transfer memberships timely and accurately.

3. Take good care of various minutes and statistical works of the trade union.

4. Propagate national laws and regulations and labor-related policies.

5. Organize competitions, encourage the employees to make contributions to the modernization process. Commend the advanced and establish models, raising the working spirit of the employees so as to improve the economic efficiency of the Company.

6. Cooperate with relevant departments, educate the employees with the "users first" thinking, and organize mass activities around providing the best quality service.

7. Organize activities around exchanges and cooperation of professional skills, work with relevant departments to hold professional seminars, summarizing and promoting advanced experience.

8. Organize after-work activities about culture, sports, entertainment, travelling and so on.

(2) Duties of the commissaries in charge of daily affairs and female employees

1. Take care of the employees who go through hardships and issue subsidies to them. To organize mutual aid activities among colleges and ask them to work in pairs to help the poor employees.

2. Work on the core values of the trade union, and organize activities in terms of female workers' characteristics and wishes.

3. Organize job training and other trainings for female workers in order to improve their ideological and political quality and professional knowledge, and raise their spirits of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-improvement to lift their worries.

(3) Duties of the commissary in charge of labor dispute mediation

1. Report and inform the policies and works related to labor disputes timely.

2. Deal with letters and visits about labor dispute, record and archive them seriously.

3. Investigate all cases about labor dispute complaints carefully, and make mediation in accordance with the Party's policy and the provisions about labor dispute settlement.

(4) Duties of the commissary in charge of family affairs coordination

1. Update and improve information of the employees and their families timely.

2. Promote the corporate culture with "family" as its core, focusing on "filial piety, loyalty and ability". To take care of the psychological situation of the employees' family.

3. Pay careful visits to the employees' family. There must be a visit whenever the employees have difficulties, suffer from injuries and sickness, hold fertility, marriage and funerals ceremonies, or have family disputes.

4. Organize occasional group activities for the employees.

5. Keep regular and occasional telephone communication with the employees' family members, keeping abreast of each employee's family situation.

6. Strengthen the Company's cohesion and the employees' sense of belonging and identity to the Company.

7. Record each family visit, make it into electronic and paper document and report it to the Company on time.

8. Organize the department office meetings regularly, make arrangements of and implementing monthly and annual tasks.

9. Encourage the employees to pay attention to self- learning and self-cultivation.

(5) Duties of the Auditing Committee

1. The Auditing Committee, on behalf of the Company's trade union members, reviews and supervises the funds and property management of the union, timely hand in budget and settlement of funds to The Trade Union Committee, and manage the revenue based on the approved budget in an effort to save money.

2. Help the Company's trade union collect, manage and distribute various funds of the union, to take good care of the trade union's property: supervising the trade union to implement financial policies, disciplines and laws of the Party, government and corporate and financial regulations and systems of the superior trade union .

3. Review the trade union's revenue, and the preparation and implementation of its annual budget, to ensure that the budget is practical, feasible and accurately settled.

4. Review the trade union's expenditure, supervise the outlay of funds to ensure that it is properly spent, and prevent misappropriation and waste.

5. Responsible for supervising the handover procedure when the organization or financial staff of the trade union is undergone changes.

6. The Auditing Committee will report to the Trade Union Committee of the expenditure of funds for the previous year at the beginning of the year.

7. Propaganda national financial policies and enterprise financial management system, and resolutely combat behaviors such as extravagance and waste, corruption and theft, kangaroo small treasuries and other violations of the financial system and discipline, to ensure enough funds for the trade union.

8. Comply with and safeguard the financial discipline of the nation and the trade union, to refuse to pay or reimburse when the expenditure against the financial policy and system, and timely report it to the leaders of the unit to protect the rights and interests of the Company's trade union.

9. Follow the instructions of The Auditing Committee of the superior trade union and the Company's financial department.

(6) Duties of the trade union groups

1. Organize group activities as usual by establishing trade union groups. Group activities are organized in various forms which are both physically and mentally beneficial, such as learning, holding meetings about democratic life, learning to implement the Company's principles and policies of development, learning and promoting corporate culture and so on.

2. Improve the group members' democratic consciousness, enhance their sense of ownership, and help them correctly exercise their democratic rights, through establishing various forms of democratic management.

3. Adhere to the "five will talk" and "four mutual aid" system. "Five will talk" means that the trade union group will talk to its members when they: are newly enrolled or absent from duty, reduce work efficiency, have accidents during work, have some psychological problems, and make trouble and affect unity. "Four mutual help" refers to: group members help each other in psychology, life, work and techniques.